Superfoods that prevent hair loss


squash seeds

A nutritional powerhouse, pumpkin seeds can do wonders for your hair.


In addition to being a tasty and healthy snack, walnuts can improve the health of your hair naturally.

hemp seeds

A nutritional powerhouse, flax seeds are especially high in lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve scalp blood flow and reduce inflammation of the hair follicles.

kernels of sunflower

Gamma-linolenic acid, a powerful nutrient that can deep condition your hair strands and make them more silky, lustrous, and luscious, is abundant in sunflower seeds.


Magnesium, which is abundant in almonds and which helps to prevent dandruff and hair damage, can aid in improved hair growth.

the chia seed

A nutritional powerhouse, chia seeds encourage stronger hair development and stop hair thinning.


Natural coconut hair care products can improve the quality of your hair.

semolina seeds onut

Iron and fatty acids included in sesame seeds can strengthen your hair roots and encourage the creation of new hair.