best crystals for healing by zodiac sign


Carnelian for Aries

This sign has high energy by nature, constantly ready to go on new adventures and explore novel concepts.

Rose Quartz for Taurus

This sign, which is ruled by Venus, thrives on romance, luxury, and pleasure.

Gemini: Crystalline Quartz

Gemini is a true social butterfly who is constantly on the go, talkative, and displays excellent communication skills.

Moonstone for cancer

People with a Cancer birth sign are highly emotional and take everything personally.

Lemon in Leo

This sign's inhabitants exude a fierce energy that is felt powerfully by those they are around.

Amazonite: Virgo

Virgos are extremely detail-oriented, and nothing escapes their careful scrutiny.

Pink tourmaline for Virgo

Libras are laid-back and contemplative people who seek balance and harmony in their lives.

Scorpio: Common Aquamarine

People born under the sign of Scorpio can be very passionate, forceful, and intense, soaking up all the energies around them.

Scorpio: Lepidolite

Sagittarians have a spirit of adventure and are constantly keen to discover new things and travel.