The Whole Family Will Enjoy These 9 Simple Vegetarian Dinners

Almost 33 million adult Americans, or 10% of the population, identify as vegetarians, leaving them scrambling for a dinner plan. It’s true that we have a ton of lists for weeknight meals that include steak, chicken, and seafood, but don’t worry—we’ve got vegetarian options, too. You’re sure to adore these 70 outstanding vegetarian dinners whether you’ve been a plant-based eater your entire life, are a curious omnivore, or are just looking for healthy recipe ideas for meatless Mondays.

Not only are many Americans vegetarians, but a sizeable percentage of the global population is as well. The percentages vary, but suffice it to say that many international cuisines place much less of an emphasis on meat and instead emphasize hearty, inventive ways to prepare vegetables and plant-based proteins. For examples of what we mean, take a look at our Middle Eastern-Mexican fusion green shakshuka, Jamaican jerk tofu grain bowls, Indian saag paneer, Vietnamese tofu banh mi, or Chinese/Indian gobi manchurian.

And if you want to keep it vegetarian-friendly but have a craving for traditional meat-based comfort foods? See how delicious these meatless substitutes can be by trying our seitan piccata, vegan crunchwrap, spicy fried “chicken” sandwich, chickpea “tuna” salad, or tempeh Buffalo “wings”. Alternatively, you could omit the obvious protein altogether and just rely on meaty vegetables like cauliflower, mushrooms, and eggplant to make up the difference. Try our vegan chicken-fried mushrooms and gravy, ultimate vegetarian Italian sub, vegan seared “scallops” with succotash, or our air fryer cauliflower tacos (which are remarkably similar to our fish tacos). We bet you won’t even miss the meat because they are so delicious.

Having some simple vegetarian recipes on hand is a great idea whether you’re going vegetarian full-time or you’re just trying to eat less meat (hello, Meatless Mondays!). In addition, you’ll have some recipes in mind for when you’re hosting a dinner or barbecue and need to cater to your vegetarian guests. Many of these recipes can also be altered to become vegan, gluten-free, or keto recipes in order to accommodate additional diets.

To be clear, vegetarian cuisine is anything but bland. Everyone is sure to enjoy our selection of hearty pasta dishes, flavorful salads, warming soups, and nutritious sandwiches. Even some of your favorite family fare, like pizza and homemade burgers, come in vegetarian varieties. With these nutritious vegetarian recipes, even the pickiest member of your family will be compelled to request seconds. Additionally, a lot of these meals can be prepared in advance, making them ideal for weeknight meals. Some of them can even be kept in the refrigerator and eaten throughout the week for lunch. These meals are filling and leave you feeling good because they are packed with nutritious fruits, vegetables, and grains like quinoa and farro. Indulgent choices abound as well, such as simple casseroles that are ideal when you’re craving comfort food.

quesadillas baked

Even when you are completely satisfied, you’ll be grabbing seconds or thirds of this recipe because it is so delicious and filling. This dish is entirely vegetarian, but if you want to directly replace the meat, you can add vegan taco meat. You probably won’t even notice it because it’s crammed with cheese, black beans, green onions, and pico de gallo.

Italian Salad

A traditional dish in Greek cooking is Greek salad, also referred to as horiatiki salad. This salad is usually made with salt, Greek oregano, and a drizzle of olive oil. It typically contains juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, red onion, tangy feta cheese, and salty Kalamata olives.

There are no special ingredients, complicated preparation methods, or fancy equipment required to make this salad. All you need are some fresh ingredients, a mixing bowl, and a sharp knife. Even more, you can personalize your Greek salad by adding your preferred vegetables and garnishes, like green bell peppers or caper berries. This Greek salad recipe is a good choice if you’re looking for one to try.

Dates and pine nuts with Brussels sprouts

Try our recipe for Brussels sprouts with dates and pine nuts if you’re looking for a tasty and nutritious vegan appetizer to start your meal. This straightforward dish combines the distinct flavors and textures of these three ingredients to produce a delectable and aesthetically stunning vegetarian appetizer. A versatile and nutrient-dense vegetable, Brussels sprouts are full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The dish gets a deliciously crunchy and nutty texture boost from the pine nuts. Additionally a fantastic source of protein and good fats are pine nuts. Dates are a natural sweetener that creates a distinctive flavor when combined with the savory flavors of Brussels sprouts. Additionally, the dish is visually appealing thanks to the Brussels sprouts’ vivid green color and the brown tones of the dates and pine nuts.

Toasted Avocado

A toasted piece of bread is topped with mashed avocado, salt, pepper, and (occasionally) citrus juice in an avocado toast recipe. This dish comes in a variety of forms, and you can enhance it by adding extras like salmon, tomatoes, onions, eggs, garlic, cheese, olive oil, or red pepper flakes.

The dish itself is quite simple and straightforward, but the place of its origin is not; some say it was invented in Australia, while others say it was created in Los Angeles. Regardless of where it came from, avocado toast started its modern revival on Instagram and has since become popular all over the world.


Tofu is undoubtedly the vegetarian food that is most associated with stereotypes. However, there might be a good reason for that. Tofu is quite tasty and has a wide range of applications. It can absorb a wide range of various flavors like a sponge. You can include it in a stir fry, noodle dish, or with peanut sauce. It gives food great substance and texture, and the fact that many Asian restaurants happily use it in place of meat doesn’t hurt either.

Bean Soup

Nothing can warm your body and soul more than a bowl of hearty lentil soup on a chilly winter evening. This filling vegetarian dish is delicious and rich in the nutrients your body needs, including protein. To make this soup, you only need lentils, vegetables, herbs, and spices. You can quickly prepare a tasty and filling meal with a little bit of preparation. So why not prepare this warming lentil soup for dinner tonight? It’s a wonderful way to fuel your body while enjoying a comforting dish.

Masala Dosa

One of the most incredible countries in the world for vegetarians is India. You don’t have to struggle to choose the right dish here. Every city in India has a wide variety of vegetarian food options, so even though you might get tired of trying them all, the options will never run out. But one of my favorite Indian dishes is masala dosa. It’s a specialty of South India and resembles a crepe somewhat, but it’s made of fermented rice batter and black lentils instead. Inside the dosa are potatoes and curried peas, and it is served with a variety of chutneys, including the popular coconut and tomato varieties, and sambar, a lentil stew that can be eaten with a spoon or used as a dip.


The adored Disney-Pixar movie of the same name might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ratatouille! This title, however, is more than just a clever pun (since the protagonist Chef Remy is a rat), it’s also a tribute to the challenging nature of one of France’s most famous dishes. The French Provençal dish ratatouille was created in Nice. It is a stunning example of rural French cuisine, made with ingredients that are readily available in southern French gardens.

Although there are numerous variations of the dish, aubergine, zucchini, capsicum (peppers), garlic, onion, and tomato are common ingredients. To bring out the distinct flavors of each vegetable, these are cut into thin slices and stir-fried separately. The vegetables are then cooked slowly in the oven, sometimes for as long as six hours. The colorful vegetables in this French classic are arranged in a circle or tower for an additional lovely presentation.


Did you know that vegetarian cuisine makes up Egypt’s national dish? A delicious combination of rice, macaroni, and lentils is called koshary, which is also spelled koshari and kushari. Chickpeas, fried onions, spiced tomato sauce, and garlic vinegar are generously added on top. Koshary, a hearty dish with a good amount of plant-based protein and carbohydrates, is a common dish in all of Egypt. Koshary can be found on the menus of the majority of Egyptian restaurants and at stalls all over the nation. It is also among the least expensive dishes available, frequently costing no more than one U.S. dollar or its equivalent.

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