German Comfort Food Delight: Irresistible Cheese Spaetzle Recipe

Cheese Spaetzle Recipe: Cheese spaetzle, also known as Käsespätzle, is a classic German comfort meal that deftly mixes the savory pleasure of melted cheese with the chewy satisfaction of home-made spaetzle. In addition to being appropriate for joyous occasions like Oktoberfest, this Mac and cheese-inspired Bavarian meal is also a simple pleasure you can have any day of the year.

Cheese Spaetzle Recipe

This recipe for cheese spaetzles was created with love and tradition in mind, and it has a delicious combination of flavors and textures that will have you wanting more. The dish features a delicious stacking of cheese that ends in a golden-brown perfection, beginning on the burner and culminating in the oven. It also makes a great alternative for gatherings and parties because it is simple to prepare in advance.

Ingredients and Methods

You’ll need the following ingredients to make this delicious dish:

– 4–5 cups of homemade spaetzle (half the amount from the homemade German spaetzle recipe)

  • Emmentaler cheese (but Gruyere, Bergkaese, and Alpine cheese are also excellent choices).
    Heavy cream with butter.
  • Minced chives
  • Crispy onions, either homemade or purchased.

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Get started by making the cheese mixture. Combine heavy cream, chives, and Emmentaler cheese that has been shred. This concoction serves as the base for Käsespätzle, a creamy, cheesy delicacy.
  2. In a skillet that can go in the oven, melt plenty of butter. Spaetzle should be added to the skillet cold and cooked until golden brown. For even cooking, toss them continuously.
  3. Add the cheese mixture when the spaetzle have reached the ideal golden brown color. The cheese should melt and cover the spaetzle completely after being thoroughly mixed.
  4. Place the skillet in the oven, then broil the food until the cheese bubbles and the top is a warm golden brown color. This process only takes a minute, so be careful to prevent burning.
  5. Add a big amount of crispy caramelized onions on top of your Käsespätzle as the last flourish. This not only adds texture but also improves the flavor profile of the dish.

Professional Advice for Success

Cheese Spaetzle Recipe
  • Spaetzle can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge for one to two days. Before keeping, merely throw them in a flavorless oil.
  • The best flavor and texture come from using high-quality cheese that you grate yourself.
  • Even if cream isn’t included in some recipes, it offers a rich, creamy flavor that makes the food taste even better.
  • If you’re short on time, dried spaetzle from the store work just as well. Before adding them to the recipe, prepare them in accordance with the directions on the package.


  1. Emmentaler is the excellent option for Käsespätzle due to its rich flavor and simple melting characteristics. Alternatives like Gruyere, Bergkaese, Gouda, and Alpine cheese are also acceptable choices.
  2. Käsespätzle was created in Swabia, a region in Germany. It is also well-liked in Bavaria, Austria, and Switzerland, countries that employ different kinds of cheese.
  3. Define Spaetzle: Spaetzle, also known as Knöpfle, are egg noodles that are popular in Germany and Austria. They are a side dish for meat dishes with gravy and have a chewiness akin to dumplings.

Serving Advice

Käsespätzle is a filling main dish that is best enjoyed with a green salad or German cucumber salad. The dish can shine during Oktoberfest events or other gatherings with a German theme because to its adaptability. For a truly unforgettable lunch, serve it with German potato salad, Bavarian pretzels, and schnitzel. To leave everyone raving about your culinary prowess, serve traditional desserts like Apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce or Kaiserschmarrn.

Preparation and Storage

Even though this dish is best when eaten right once, leftovers can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days if they are sealed in a container. Reheat in a pan or the microwave until the cheese melts and the spaetzle are well cooked. To prepare ahead, keep spaetzle in the refrigerator for two to three days. Toss them with butter or an oil with a neutral flavor before using.

Enjoy the goodness of Cheese Spaetzle, a traditional German dish that offers warmth, comfort, and an appealing fusion of flavors. This recipe will undoubtedly become a family staple, whether you’re celebrating a big event or are simply searching for a delicious lunch.

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