Before a Morning Workout, Try These 10 Simple Breakfast Ideas.

What you eat as soon as you get out of bed has the power to eliminate cravings, boost energy, and maintain a healthy weight. That tiny cup of yogurt has a significant impact on your general health. According to a study published in the journal Circulation, people who regularly skip breakfast have a 27% higher risk of developing coronary heart disease than their peers who eat breakfast every day.

Amari Thomsen, R.D., owner of Eat Chic Chicago, says skipping breakfast increases your likelihood of overindulging at your subsequent meal or consuming calorically and sugar-rich mid-morning snacks to stave off hunger until lunch.

Additionally, you should eat breakfast beforehand if you exercise in the morning. According to sports dietitian Michele Macedonio, R.D., blood sugar levels and carbohydrate stores are significantly lower when you wake up. Breakfast before working out gives your brain and muscles what they need to function at their best, allowing you to feel energized on the treadmill rather than worn out and, well, just blah.

Some individuals strongly advocate exercising on an empty stomach. Some people think you should eat a substantial meal before doing anything. But what does science have to say about consuming food before exercising?

The majority of studies concur that you should eat before any exercise.You shouldn’t go to the gym right after eating, though [1]. Give your body at least an hour to digest what you ate.

You might also want to skip a filling breakfast. When you eat heavy foods, you may feel bloated or even become ill during a workout. Sports drinks or light breakfasts are suggested as alternatives. It is advised to eat a large meal about three hours before working out, and smaller meals or snacks about an hour before. This keeps you from feeling lethargic and gives you the energy you need to finish your workout.

Some individuals are currently time-constrained and unable to prepare breakfast and work out. Many people don’t like breakfast or don’t feel hungry. It’s true that each person is unique, so you might be able to exercise without eating first thing in the morning. However, eating breakfast each morning is recommended for healthy weight management, brain function, and exercise as well.

Rice cakes with nut butter on top

When you don’t even have time to drink a shake, let alone blend one, reach for something that only needs a quick trip to the pantry and a couple of spoonfuls, like this quick mixture of rice cakes and nut butter. Jones previously suggested this to SELF because it is loaded with protein and carbohydrates, easy to prepare, and gentle on the stomach. Not to mention that the concept is much more adaptable than it first appears to be. It doesn’t matter what kind of nut butter or rice cake flavor you use; you’ll find that this simple formula is difficult to err with.

a protein or granola bar

Bars are pretty awesome because they are portable, nutrient-dense, easy to eat, and compact. For all of her pre-workout needs, O’Donnell-Giles always keeps a variety of bars in her gym bag, whereas Clark prefers Kind Healthy Grains Bars. Protein-rich bars are a particularly good choice before weight-training exercises (although you should avoid eating extremely high protein bars right before, say, a run, if they make you feel yucky). There are countless flavor and texture combinations available, whether you purchase them or make them yourself. (Just be sure to avoid varieties packed with added fiber, which might upset your stomach mid-workout.)

a baked sweet potato for breakfast

Sweet potatoes contain two of the most essential nutrients for exercise—carbohydrates and potassium—and pair surprisingly well with a variety of breakfast flavors, which is why Geiger enjoys one before a morning workout. She likes to keep things sweet by adding some almond butter and cinnamon to hers, but cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning would also be delicious and great before a workout. According to the USDA, pre-baked sweet potatoes can be kept in the fridge for up to three or four days before eating, but you can also freeze them after baking and reheat them quickly in the microwave.

Porridge: 2-3 minutes to prepare

Since the bronze age, people have been enjoying this breakfast, and not much has changed. In addition to vitamins, minerals, and fiber, oat-based porridge also provides slow-release energy that will keep you full until lunch. To benefit from an added protein boost – add half a scoop of your favourite protein powder to your porridge mix and top with any of your favourite toppings; we love sliced banana, dried apricot and almonds!

While getting up early for a workout can be difficult, there are many advantages to this trade-off in rest. You’ll feel better about yourself and start your day with a positive attitude if you work out before going to the office. You’ll also benefit from an energy boost, stress relief, lower blood pressure, increased immune system, better posture and improved sleep quality! That is reason enough to get up early!

toasted avocado

This straightforward breakfast dish is currently very trendy, and we can see why! You can prepare a filling breakfast that will keep you full all day with just a few simple ingredients. You can get complex carbohydrates from whole-wheat or multigrain toast, which take longer to digest and increase your endurance during a longer workout. Try this dish from The Bitten Word, and for some extra protein, top it with an egg!


Even though it might seem obvious to use up leftovers, pizza from last night can be transformed into a fun but straightforward breakfast scramble. Even leftover chicken breast and fruit make a hearty breakfast to-go. Any leftover vegetables from the week can easily spice up an omelette.

Toast with banana and chia seeds

Simply toast some wholegrain bread in the toaster, top with natural nut butter, chopped banana, and chia seeds for this filling and delicious healthy breakfast.
Chia seeds are a fantastic superfood because they are simple to digest and rich in a variety of nutrients, including calcium, fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids.

When you exercise hard, you lose minerals like sodium and potassium as well as glycogen. Bananas are a great source of both carbohydrates and potassium.
This banana and chia seed toast is a great post-workout option because it includes a source of protein.

a cup of milk with chocolate

This beverage has the same qualities that make it a great post-workout snack as well as a great pre-workout breakfast. If you need to eat but aren’t a big fan of solid food in the morning, chocolate milk is a great choice because it is packed with protein and carbohydrates to keep you going through your session. (Try lactose-free or soy chocolate milk if you have lactose intolerance.)

Reviving Smoothie

After a restless night of sleep, a nutritious smoothie will provide you with some of the much-needed hydration as well as carbohydrates and protein. Simply combine 30g of oats, 1 tsp of flax seeds, 1 scoop of protein powder, frozen berries, half a banana, and water or milk in a blender. If your mornings are particularly hectic, you might even prepare the ingredients the night before. Not a fan of blender noises at six in the morning, housemates? Making your smoothie the night before and storing it in the fridge is acceptable.

Morning sandwich

Are you a fan of savory breakfasts? Making a quick, filling pre-workout breakfast that checks all the right boxes couldn’t be simpler. 3 chicken sausages or rashers of turkey bacon should be grilled. Split a pita and warm it through while they are under the grill. Place some spinach or lettuce inside the pita before adding the grilled meat. (it will slightly wilt the leaves). If you like it with ketchup, add some and enjoy!

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